Scope of Service

SuperiorSitters provides and introduce screened, handpicked, experienced childcare professionals to parents and carers.

Clients understand that although we’ve checked references, this does not guarantee future performance by individual child carers, therefore, SuperiorSitters cannot be held responsible on any part for a childcarer whose performance has been less than satisfactory.

Childcarers on SuperiorSitters registered are self employed (free agents) and we are not able to demand any particular babysitter to sit for any particular client.

It is the clients responsibility to ensure childcare’s are fully aware and clearly understand any special needs of their children.

In the unlikely scenario that any accidental damage occurs during a booking – perhaps to a clients property or possessions – this will need be covered by the clients own Home insurance Policy. SuperiorSitters will not be held accountable.

Clients are therefore advised to ensure that their home contents insurance includes public liability insurance – including child carers – therefore SuperiorSitters does not exclude or restrict liability for death or personal injury generating from its negligence.

Majority of SuperiorSitters are childcare professionals with relevant experience including working at schools and nurseries. This means that the majority of our SuperiorSitters also have Paediatric First Aid certificates and some are OFSTED registered.

Nannies working for families are not required to acquire DBS checks, so SuperiorSitters carries out a very in depth interview process including two detailed references from past and present employers.

Private bookings, i.e. contacting our babysitters directly, are not permitted. All bookings must be made via SuperiorSitters by logging into your account or by texting us.

If a client would like to book a SuperiorSitter, they can only do so using their SuperiorSitters online account. As you are aware we do not charge our clients a membership fee so we only make an income from bookings that are fulfilled through us. If a client breaches our contract by making bookings through our sitters directly, this will result in the client being fined up to a maximum of £1000. The sitter will also be removed from our books and will no longer be offered any future bookings.
SuperiorSitters takes no responsibility for childcare professionals acts or omissions except where these could have been obviously identifiable from SuperiorSitters selection procedure or as a result of other information received by SuperiorSitters.
In the event that a childcare professional is booked and for reasons beyond SuperiorSitters control cancels at short notice or fails to arrive at the appointed time, the agency will use its best endeavours to find another SuperiorSitter for the client.
While a childcare professional is providing services for a SuperiorSitters family we have introduced them to, the client undertakes to reimburse SuperiorSitters fully for all costs, claims, damages, and liabilities whatsoever arising from the clients wrong doing or negligence.
SuperiorSitters is not responsible for any loss suffered as a result of the childcare professional’s failure to keep to the appointment except where SuperiorSitters has failed to use reasonable care in confirming the relevant details of the appointment with the childcare professional.
Clients accept that we may communicate with them by email, text message or phone in relation to any matter concerning childcare bookings made by the client and occasionally with news about our services. We may also share any of your relevant information with your SuperSitter who would have accepted your booking, this will be done via email, text or phone. Apart from this, SuperiorSitters will keep your email address, phone number and other personal data confidential at all times.
Hotel booking or event bookings
When a client requests for a booking to take place in a hotel or at an address other than their home address. This has to be made clear to SuperiorSitters at the time of booking so we can notify the sitter and give them the relevant information needed.

Terms and conditions apply.

At SuperiorSitters you will be happy to know that we do not charge booking or registration fees. 
We have a standard rate of £12ph for bookings made with 12 hours notice or more. 
For emergency or last minute booking made with less than 12 hours notice, the hourly rate becomes £16ph.
Bank holiday bookings are £14ph and for Christmas and New year bookings we charge £18ph.
Standard rate: £12
Bank holiday: £14
Less than 12hrs notice: £16
Christmas/NY: £18
We understand that sometimes clients will be running late although there was an agreed finish time. If this occurs, we ask the client to notify the sitter straight away and then logon to their SuperiorSitters account. When you have signed in select the overtime option then proceed to payment section where you can extend the time for the child care services you require and make a payment.
After the booking has been completed by the sitter, SuperiorSitters will pay the sitter through their account. If the booking was longer than originally intended, then a payment adjustment will be made once the client has paid the overtime online.